Miss Lucid

Miss Lucid

We are stoked to say that we have a right tasty, and super limited edition wax pressing of our debut record. All the hits. No fuss. Once they're gone, they're gone. You know what to do! Limited edition tracklisting:

Side A:
The Beast
Seduction of Solitude
Another Pathogen
The Craft

Side B:
Good Intentions
Prosthetic Anaesthetic
Stem The Future
Prey For Love

Includes unlimited streaming of Miss Lucid via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.


Miss Lucid are a rock band from Scotland.

Their eponymously titled debut record, comes from 90's children, driven with punk & grunge undertones, blending it with some large sonic soundscapes and crafted melodies. This cohesive sound of anthemic and melodic guitars is bolstered with thought provoking, poignant lyricism with an abrasive pop knack.

You heard.
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  1. 1 The Beast 03:58 Info Download
  2. 2 Seduction of Solitude 04:13 Info Download
  3. 3 Another Pathogen 03:22 Info Download
  4. 4 The Craft 05:10 Info Download
  5. 5 The Great Divided 04:39 Info Download
  6. 6 Good Intentions 03:24 Info Download
  7. 7 Prosthetic Anaesthetic 03:29 Info Download
  8. 8 Stem The Future 04:06 Info Download
  9. 9 The Infinitely Lonely 05:22 Info Download
  10. 10 Prey For Love 03:37 Info Download
  11. 11 -1 06:08 Info Download

 "Open your heart and lend both ears, this expressive cacophony has never been so necessary.  This is not an agenda driven reinterpretation of a musical scene from a previous decade. There is no new movement or market here. A new paradigm exists with or without the populous’ consent.  We stand exactly where we fell, somewhere between the uncertainty and the insanity, listen...and you will hear."


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